Monday, July 25, 2011

Office Overhaul: Closet Edition

I am currently in the midst of an extensive office overhaul.  My office has always felt like this weird hodgepodge of the furniture that didn't fit anywhere else, and to be honest, that's exactly what it was.  It's a pity I've neglected my office so much because it's the room I spend the majority of my time.  I decided long ago that I was going to tackle it before school started, and this weekend was phase one.  I yanked everything out of my overstuffed and completely disorganized closet.  It was pretty much a giant mess, and opening the door sent me into a tizzy almost every time.  Now the closet is neat, organized, and everything has a place.

The best about the closet overhaul?  It cost $40 total.  I love a beautiful organization makeover, but most of them are way over my budget and do things I can't do in a rental {i.e. adding an Elfa storage system}.  To accomplish the end result, I bought two sets of wire storage boxes from Target, which happened to be on sale for "back to school" promotions.  I also bought one of those Space Saver bags to condense all of y extra linens.  Other than it was a lot of purging, sorting, and categorizing.  I'm thrilled with the result, and am confident it'll {mostly} survive another round of law school craziness.

Diligently working to finish the rest of the office soon! 

And I apologize for the before picture.  I couldn't find my camera {you'll see why}.  I took the picture to send to a friend, because I was seriously doubting my ability to finish at that point.  I also didn't get any before pictures of inside the closet, but to be honest you wouldn't have been able to see anything but a bunch of junk.

Yes...literally all of that was shoved into the closet.

Everything in its place, and a place for everything.
And matching labels to boot.  Makes for an incredibly happy Summer.

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