Saturday, April 27, 2013

Make Something: Law School *Graduation* Invitations

This was probably the most exciting invitation I've ever designed.  MY law school graduation invitations.  I'm actually a little bit in shock to believe that I really am going to graduate.  That this time next year or heck next month I will not ever have to sit in the uncomfortable wooden chairs and listen to some professor lecture about something only mildly (or not at all) interesting.

Pinterest was not very helpful with searching for ideas, but I did come across a couple decent ideas.  I didn't want the invitations overly formal and thought the idea of a summons was hilarious and the perfect amount of cheesy.  I created a tri-fold design on Photoshop, and printed the invittation on cardstock from Paper Source.  Each invitation was tied with a red string.

***Etsy Listing for the Invitations is Available HERE.***

Pretty happy with these little guys and even happier to be graduating...assuming I don't fail my finals.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Plan Something: At Home Picnic

I've been a little busy lately.  Apparently finishing up law school is way more complicated/time consuming/scary than you'd ever think.  And now finals are here so all I have is one more push and I will officially be done.

To compensate for my stress level these days, I planned a backyard picnic for Jason and myself one Friday.  I strung up a makeshift tent (it's actually a white sheet) in our backyard.  I laid a rug down and covered it up with a duvet.

For food I kept things fairly simple.  I had a fruit and cheese plate that included strawberries, pears, brie, comte, blue cheese, and a baguette.  Drinks included water, freshly made lemonade, and rose.  I stored these in a galvanized bucket.

 Heavier food include spring vegetables that were blanched and tossed in a light vinaigrette, duck pate and cornichons, and a delicious tomato tart.  The recipe is here, and believe me when I say it is delicious.

I decorated with things I already had around my house: a lantern, caper candles, wooden boxes. Although very simple they helped to set the tone.

We finished up the evening with a fire in the chiminea eating fresh chocolate palmiers that I'd made earlier.

It was a great and fairly simple way to unwind a little and just enjoy being together.