Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Plan Something: At Home Picnic

I've been a little busy lately.  Apparently finishing up law school is way more complicated/time consuming/scary than you'd ever think.  And now finals are here so all I have is one more push and I will officially be done.

To compensate for my stress level these days, I planned a backyard picnic for Jason and myself one Friday.  I strung up a makeshift tent (it's actually a white sheet) in our backyard.  I laid a rug down and covered it up with a duvet.

For food I kept things fairly simple.  I had a fruit and cheese plate that included strawberries, pears, brie, comte, blue cheese, and a baguette.  Drinks included water, freshly made lemonade, and rose.  I stored these in a galvanized bucket.

 Heavier food include spring vegetables that were blanched and tossed in a light vinaigrette, duck pate and cornichons, and a delicious tomato tart.  The recipe is here, and believe me when I say it is delicious.

I decorated with things I already had around my house: a lantern, caper candles, wooden boxes. Although very simple they helped to set the tone.

We finished up the evening with a fire in the chiminea eating fresh chocolate palmiers that I'd made earlier.

It was a great and fairly simple way to unwind a little and just enjoy being together.

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Rebeka said...

This might be the fanciest picnic ever. How awesome. Everything looks delicious and amazing!

Good luck finishing up law school, I am so excited for you and the fact that you are SO CLOSE TO BEING DONE. Believe me when I say, life after law school (and the bar) is amazing. You can do it!!

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