Saturday, May 5, 2012

Plan Something: Texas Themed Party

I finished my last final on Monday at 9:18 pm.  I was exhausted.  For some reason this finals period was probably the most exhausting one yet (except of course for the 1L year).  But the end of this year is super exciting for another reason.  One of my very best friends and my first friend in law school is graduating next weekend and then the day after moving to Nebraska!  We're in the evening program at SMU, which actually takes 4 years instead of the regular 3.  Kel decided to accelerate and graduate in the regular 3.  It's a bit bittersweet.  We're super proud of her for graduating, but I am super super going to miss her.  I can't imagine not having class together and I really can't imagine her being a 3 hour plane ride away instead of a 3 mile car drive.

I knew we had to throw a party to celebrate...on Thursday.  Which gave me exactly 2 1/2 days to plan and prepare, and 5 hours of each day was filled with work.  It was a party planning whirlwind.  But we managed to pull it all together before the party time, and I think everything turned out really cute.

Since she's leaving Texas, we decided to throw a Texas themed BBQ, complete with backyard washers and a giant Jenga set.

To make the giant banner, I taped together two long pieces of craft paper.  I found an image of Texas on the internet that just happened to be set to print at 150dpi...meaning that I could enlarge it without losing it's quality.  So I used a nifty program called Posterize that let's you enlarge images.  I then taped all 24 pages together, cut them out, and "Franken-Texas" was complete.  A little bit of paint and viola!  Giant banner.

The Set-Up:  We had a table for the food, a table for drinks and sweets, and three tables for people to sit and eat.  All the tables were decorated with a tiki-lanterns, a large mason jar filled with flowers and two Texas flags, and a smaller mason jar with a tea candle.  The mason jars were wrapped in twine and had a circle punch cutout of Texas tied to the twine.  And no BBQ is complete without the check-board table cloth.

Drinks and Sweets Table (left to right):
Fruit skewers
Mrs. Amy's famous banana pudding (sorry that recipe is top-secret)
Raspberry beer (sounds gross, taste delicious)

Food Table:
We had the BBQ catered in by a guy who works with Jason...and who also happens to be opening a restaurant soon.  I've eaten A LOT of BBQ in  my life and this was easily some of the best.  In addition to  the meat, we served Jason's family's potato salad, BBQ beans, and Mexican style corn with cojita cheese, lime juice and a chile powder/salt/cayenne pepper/paprika sprinkle.

"Well Wishes" Table

My fake calligraphy is getting pretty decent, if I do say so myself.

Love you KelBell!  


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