Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Bringing Home Yogi

After Roy passed away, Jason and I knew that we would adopt another lab.  We weren’t sure as to the when and decided we would let the decision happen naturally.  Sometime after Roy’s death one of my friends alerted me to the DFW Lab Rescue Society and the arrival of a couple litters of puppies.  The puppies were not available yet, and likely wouldn’t be for several weeks.  She knew that we were still grieving over the loss of Roy, but suggested that if we were even the tiniest bit interested we should start the application process because it was fairly long.

That night Jason and I talked over the decision.  It was much sooner than we expected, but it seemed like the golden opportunity.  And even if we weren’t ready when the puppies came available, we could always decide to adopt later.

And then we took a peek at the soon to be available puppies.  Is there anything cuter than a puppy?  I’m pretty sure I melted about a dozen times looking at those darling little faces.  But Jason…he picked out one instantly.  He pointed to a picture of a fuzzy chocolate boy.  That’s the dog I want.  The sweet boy was dropped off at a local pound along with his brothers and sisters.  The shelter has a 5-day policy and the little guys were scheduled to be euthanized the day they were saved by the DFW Lab Rescue Society.  All of the puppies came down with Parvo and were patiently and loving nursed back to health by their foster family. 

So we started the application process.  It was long.  There was an extensive application, then they review your application, contact your vet, and decide whether or not you pass phase one.  Then there’s a home-study to determine whether or not your home is suitable for a lab.  Then they re-review everything and decide whether you receive approval to adopt.  And after all of that you’ll only get to adopt a lab if the foster family approves you.  The lady who did our home study kind of scared us, because she told us that the competition for puppies was always high.  The application process went fairly quickly for us and were approved to adopt a new lab about a week before the puppies became available.

We finally met the little chocolate lab on Thursday.  He ran around the corner and immediately ran up to me.  It was love at first sight.  We were both head over heels for the little guy.  His foster family had a meeting schedule for all of the puppies at a Petco on Saturday and told us she’d let us know of her decision by Sunday.  I was busting at the seams to know if they’d choose us…so I did a little puppy stalking and drove over to see him.  It was a good thing I did, because the foster mom let me know that she’d picked us to adopt him and that I could take him home later that day!  And when I got out of the car to pick him up, he came bounding up to me and buried my face in kisses.  His foster mom said she knew then that she’d made the right choice.

Poor quality, but yes, that's me laying with him in the kennel. 

 We decided to name him Yogi Berra (continuing our baseball theme and because he looks like a little bear).  He’s only been with us a couple of days, but he has integrated wonderfully into our family.  He is the calmest, sweetest, and most content puppy I have ever met.  Everyone is shocked with how well behaved he is for only 4 ½ months. 

Losing Roy was hard and always will be.  But when I look at this last picture, I know in my heart that life unfolds the ways its meant to, both the triumphs and the challenges.  We prevented Roy from dying alone in that shelter.  We made the last 6 months of his life the very best that we could.  And now we have a new little guy and have the chance to provide him the very best home that we can.  I know that Roy is smiling down and proud of us for adopting another “death row pardonee.”

Welcome Home, Yogi Berra


Legally Lovely said...

I loooooooove him. He has the sweetest little face! Labs are such a huge bundle of energy, and I hope he'll do a good job fitting in. Nothing can ever replace your Roy, but I'm happy you brought such a sweet boy into your life!

SummerBreeze said...

Thank you! We are SO SO happy with him! He has been great thus far and is oddly calm for a puppy.

Abby said...

Oh my goodness, those last two pictures are just AMAZING! I know Yogi is a lucky pup!
Sidenote: I cannot believe the shelter has a 5 day policy before they euthanize. That seems way too short (although I'm sure it's not by choice that they have this policy-lack of funds, etc)
Anyways, I'm so glad you were able to save this pup and that he found such a good home!

SummerBreeze said...

Thank You Abby! We are very happy about him.

And I agree that 5 days is ludicrous. I was shocked when we heard that. It makes me so sad.

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