Sunday, December 4, 2011

YouTube Videos- Law School Edition

The time I waste on the internet increased about 300% during finals.  12 straight hours of studying deserves some good breaks.  And these are my top 3 favorite YouTube videos about law school.

This was written and performed by some fellow SMU law students my first year of law school.  

Pretty much sums up my Friday night.

...because no one likes a gunner.
*This one uses pretty explicit language.  So don't bust it out in front of your grandmother.  Ha.

First seated final tomorrow...Eye of the Tiger Time!

Thanks for all the final love!


Rebeka said...

haha the Marshall Eriksen one is one of my favorites. Also the last one totally resonated with me! F you, gunners. At least I have social skills. Ha.

Clearly I'm also in study break mode!

SummerBreeze said...

haha. Socials skills > gunner skills!!

Anonymous said...

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