Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Gifts For Friends

I should not be writing this post.  I also should not have wasted my entire day today instead of studying for my last final.  After the nightmare gauntlet that was my previous test, I think I deserved some time off.

My closest group of friends is heading our separate ways for Christmas.  One of us is climbing a mountain.  One of us is heading on a cruise to the Caribbean.  I do not have anything near that exciting planned.  I am very much looking forward to some down time though.  Tonight we decided to have our Christmas dinner to say goodbye and celebrate the season.  I often find it difficult to think of gifts for friends.  It's not because I don't love them; it's just because no one actually needs anything.

So this year I decided on an experience activity for our little group.  There are dozens of small wineries and vineyards scattered around the DFW Metroplex.  I found a small one that's supposed to have some pretty decedent wine and this is the gift I came up with.

And in case you're wondering (because I always do), the font I used is called Lavanderia.  I bought it a couple weeks ago and I love it.  It's a "pay what you want font," but the guy who designed it is a student in San Francisco so if you like the font go purchase it.  It'll make you feel all warm and tingly that you're helping a student and you get an awesome font.  Win-win.
And in case you're wondering, that was not a sales pitch.  I just really like the font.

I made the blue medallions out of salt dough and painted/glittered them.  I like that they gave some substance to the cards.  There are dozens of salt dough recipes all over the internet if you want to make some.  To be honest, I'll probably use clay next time, but I didn't have any on hand and didn't want to venture out into the drizzly weather.  Also, I sanded the edges before painting them because there were a little "rough around the edges".  You know you were missing my bad jokes.

It's a great feeling knowing that sometime in the spring we'll be able to get out of Dallas and spend a little time together.  So if you're struggling for the perfect gift for someone, I greatly recommend planning an excursion of some sort.  

Time to attempt some studying!

Thanks again for all of the support with finals.  It means so much to me!


Kristen Prusak said...

Summer this is just the cutest idea ever. Absolutely love it!!

SummerBreeze said...

Thanks pretty lady!! I hope you're feeling better! We must get together soon!

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