Thursday, December 1, 2011

Blah, blah, blah...

...finals, finals, finals.

The countdown is on.  I already have one take home final, and my first seated final is on Monday.

I've seen 5:30am more times in the past three weeks than I ever wanted to see in my life.

But I did get my Christmas decorations up (I had to spread it out over 4 days, because I'm spread that thin right now.) So I now get to look at lovely things such as this.  And seriously considering moving my study station to my dining room table, if only to glance longingly at the Christmas lights and dream of freedom in 15 days.

And if you're the law school type, or the school type, or some weirdo who likes to takes tests for fun, good luck!  Off to cram some law into my brain.


Rebeka said...

Ohh you're wayy more committed than me. Waking up at 5:30am? NO WAY! I'm getting 8 hrs every night, and it's awesome. Maybe you just care less as a 3L? (wait, you're a 2L, right? or am I confused, and you're making me look bad? haha jk)

anyway, good luck over the next two weeks! I'm sure you'll rock your finals!!

SummerBreeze said...

Ha...if I had started when I was supposed to I wouldn't need to get up this early! And I'm sort of a 2L..technically a 3E (I'm in the night program), so I have 1.5 years left and have already finished 2.5. I thought the whole 4 years thing would be a good idea (better job market/working while in school)...but there is a reason law school is 3 years. The thought of year 4 is brutal.

Good luck to you as well! You're almost, almost done forever!!

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