Monday, December 19, 2011

Gifts for Babies

There aren't many (and by many, I mean aren't any) babies in my life.  So when the chance to make something for a baby pops up, I usually jump at the opportunity.  And when the opportunity to make things for twins pops up, I leap at the opportunity.  One of my friends recently became the proud aunt to two darling little girls.  She gets to meet them for the first time over the break, and wanted to make them something special.  I had pinned these darling booties to her a while back, and now was the perfect time to try them.

The pattern, which can be found here, only requires 3 pieces per shoe.  You have to fuse interfacing to every piece except the sole though.  The most time consuming part of this project is cutting out all of the teenie little pieces, and fusing the interfacing.

The assembly is pretty easy.  The instructions are somewhat confusing in the way they're written, so read them a couple times.  And one word of caution, the "right" side of the sole is the suede side not the fuzzy side.  Found that out the hard way and had to rip apart the first shoe on the first try.

 I decided to add the flowers and the crystal, because what little girl doesn't need a little bling?  To make the flowers, I freehand three flowers per shoe and cut them out.  I then folded the flower into fourths  (with the right side facing in) and sewed a couple of tack stitches around the middle.  The idea is to scrunch the flowers in from the center so the petals stand up a little bit.  Then I glued a little crystal to the center using my glue of choice, E300.

I think they add the perfect amount of sweetness to an already darling shoe.

 And just how teenie are they?  Teenie enough to fit in my hand.


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