Tuesday, May 17, 2011

When it rains...

So yesterday I wrote about how my neighbor's laptop was stolen over the weekend.
Add Jason and I to the club.
Pictures totally unrelated, but they're ones that make me smile.  That's J and I back home for spring break.

Our landlord is replacing the back-door to our apartment.  The guy was supposed to finish on Friday, but ended up coming back Monday.  I walked into my office (where the backdoor is located) and realized, both mine and Jason's laptops were gone- cords and all.

Initially I thought someone had moved them because the room was really dusty.
Until my landlord told me no one had touched them.

And then the terrible realization set in, the guy replacing our door had stolen both of our computers.
And he still had a key.

Sunset on Lake LBJ
The owner of the company came over later that evening.  He initially wanted to claim that we had left our computers somewhere else...is is common to forget where you put your computer?  Unfortunately for the worker, I happen to have a very shiny, very noticeable Mac.  The owner admitted to seeing my computer on my desk, and admitted it was there when he left the worker alone.

Oh and did I mention the worker is a convicted felon?!?  Funny, no one mentioned it to us or my landlords.  I have no idea why anyone thinks it's even remotely ok to leave someone whose criminal records is over 30 pages long, (Yep.  That's right.  I printed it at my office today.) alone in someone's home.


The maintenance owner initially wanted us to file a claim on our renter's insurance.  Umm, no.  I will not be doing that.  He will be filing a claim on his own insurance or we will be going to court.

The police also think that the worker is responsible for our neighbor's break-in as well.

Horseshoe Bay Lighthouse

Thanks for reading my rant.  I'm trying to keep calm, and remind myself that they're only things; but at the same time I feel completely violated.  Like I found someone snooping through my delicates or going through my medicine cabinet.  It's a really icky feeling when your home doesn't feel safe.  I even moved large objects in front of every door last night, because that guy had a key to our place.  

I'm not sure how long I'll be without a laptop, so I apologize if my posts are somewhat devoid of pictures.  And...given this weekend I haven't even started the wood veneer project, but I promise I'll get to it soon!

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Abby said...

Oh my, I am so so sorry. That is icky to think that someone has invaded your house like that and stolen your possessions. What an awful person! I hope you get it settled quickly!

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