Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Party Week: A Bunting We Will Go (DIY)

I think that makes terrible pun #784.  :)

So every party needs some party decor.  I knew we were going to be outside, so it had to be durable and easy to set-up.  I've been kind of obsessed with bunting lately, and it seemed like an obvious choice.  I know there are a million (and one) bunting how-to's in blogland, but I'd like to think this one is different for several reasons.  First of all it's made with a combination of paper and fabric and most important it's adjustable!  Because I sewed a tube in each of the flags (as opposed to sewing the flags to a ribbon), they can be spaced to fit whatever space you need.  At the party, my friend actually asked me if I'd pre-measured the pool cabana, because the bunting fit so perfectly.  That made me happy.

AND because they're adjustable you can add or remove flags to spell out different expressions and sayings!  So basically I'm going to create the entire alphabet and use this thing for virtually everything.

A couple of quick notes: I did not hem the edges of my flags.  I used a heavy canvas fabric and want it to fray a little.  I'll probable hem them after a couple of uses though.  The paper flags are about 1" smaller on each side than the fabric flags.  I'm trying to figure out how to upload and allow you guys to download my flag templates, in the event that you're interested in making your own.  Hopefully I'll figure it out soon!  If you've never sewn paper before, don't worry!  It's actually pretty easy.  You can find some of my pointers and tricks here.

And without further adieu, let's make some bunting.

Materials: 1 yard of heavy weight canvas, colorful paper in as many color as you'd like (I used 5), twine, basic sewing equipment.

We're moving into food and drinks starting tomorrow!  I hope everyone enjoyed the DIYs!

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