Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Digital Detox and July 4th Photos

 I have been stressed this summer.  Like I feel like a top that's been wound too tight, stressed.  More so than is necessary.  Rationally I have a lot less going on now than I usually do in the semester, but my stress level is the same or higher.  I can't even relax in relaxing situations anymore.  Hashtag: what the hell is wrong with me?  I realized that part of my stress levels stem from the fact that I'm always available.  Have a law review question at 1 am?  Sure I'll answer.  Send me a Facebook message at 3pm?  Yep.  I'm there.  Email?  2 minute response turnaround.  There's a problem with never tuning off.  Since I'm always reachable, I never feel like it's never rest time or me time or relaxation time...

Had to throw some photos in to break up the text.  These are from the 4th.

But that changes now.  Starting this week I've cut off my Facebook access at 5pm and severely limited the amount of times a day I check my email.  It's only been a 2 day change and already I feel like this giant pressure is slowly releasing.  I'm beginning to relax again and beginning to enjoy the times when I do.  And the best part?  Life has continued.  The world hasn't fallen apart because I'm less available.  It'll manage while I'm away, and that is such a liberating feeling.

So if you're feeling overly stressed and anxious, unplug for a while.  Sometimes shutting off the outside world is the best solution.

I knew I should have joined the circus...


Rebeka said...

It's SO hard to relax when you feel guilty about doing so. Or when you get super addicted to checking your e-mail, FB, etc. I totally know how you feel. I'm glad you realized it's stressing you out and are taking steps to de-stress (so important).

And LOOK AT YOU on that SUP! Good work :)

Brooke said...

I hear you! sometimes it is hard even when we want to be unplugged we find ourselves reach for our phones. it is information overload! Check out these retreats called The Digital Detox!

Aug. 16-19th

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