Monday, July 23, 2012

Make Something: Watermelon Carving

My niece's 5th birthday was this weekend.  We celebrated with two full days of fun.  She loves fairies and I wanted to make something special for her birthday so I created this super fun watermelon bowl.

It was actual pretty simple to create.  I found the perfect picture of Tinkerbell online.  I decided to edit out the left wing so that it wouldn't interfere with the shape of her head.  Then I taped the watermelon to a large, hollowed watermelon and "traced" the shape onto the watermelon using a thumbtack to make holes.  This part is very similar to pumpkin carving.  After that I used my swivel knife to cut through the green part of the rind.  This basically scored the rind.  Lastly, I used a small paring knife to actually cut all the way through the rind.  Because I'd already cut through the tough part, cutting the white part was fairly easy.  Trim away excess white part of the rind, but leave enough to stake the wood skewers.  I free handed both the 5 and her name and cut those out in the same way.  

I scooped the watermelon out with a melon baller and reserved those for serving.  The serving watermelon is actually a smaller, ball shaped watermelon.  To assemble, carefully skewer the back of each shape with a wooden down and place into your fruit mound.  That's it!


I also have to brag on the awesome cake that my sister made. 

And here are some other pictures from the party.

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