Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Make Something: Housewarming Gifts

Two of my friends bought, remodeled, and moved into their first house recently and they did the remodeling in around 2 months!  They're even still married.  Last weekend they had a housewarming party to celebrate.

I find housewarming gifts difficult to buy sometimes.  I don't want to buy decor type stuff, because people always seem to change up decorations when they move.  I thought about going the "bucket of cleaning/tools" route that you can see on Pinterest.  But I knew that with a remodel under their tool-belts, that they probably already had both.

I know they like to grill and it's summertime (so indoor cooking is out of the question).  I decided that a basket of grill accompaniments would be perfect.

I'm sorry about the photo quality.  I kept telling myself to take better pictures, but I was a little busy.

The little basket is a napkin holder from World Market and there are some cute striped napkins beneath everything else.  The basting brush is from Williams Sonoma.  Then I purchased a glass bottle and a glass spice jar from World Market.  I filled each with my BBQ sauce and BBQ rub.  (Both heavily modified from here and here.)  And lastly a cute card from Papyrus.

Definitely a housewarming gift I wouldn't mind receiving.

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Legally Lovely said...

That's so awesome! I feel like cooking things and wine are always great gifts, mostly because I would love to have them myself! :)

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