Thursday, April 12, 2012

Rest in Peace Roy Hobbs

Roy Hobbs 

I never wanted a big dog.  Or at least I thought I didn't.  They jumped; they drooled; they shed everywhere; they were smelly.  But Jason always wanted a lab and desperately needed a running dog.

So when I came across a giant white lab that needed rescuing; I talked him into it.

I feel in love with Roy the minute I saw him.  He was kind, and gentle, and huge.  He was the quintessential big baby.

We only had the privilege of owning Roy for 6 months.  But in those 6 months he changed my life for the better.

Roy loved life.  He loved to smell the grass.  And lay in the sun.  He loved to chase squirrels and run around the dog park.

There are so many insignificant details about him that I will forever hold in my heart.  The velvety soft of his ears.  They way his fur glistened in the sunlight.  The fact that he always let Dolce win at tug of war.  The way he would nestle up against you.  The fact that he had perfectly white teeth (seriously, ask our vet).  How obedient he was and yet, simultaneously stubborn.

This is the last picture of have of them, before he got sick.

Roy Hobbs passed away this evening.  He will forever be missed and forever loved.


Legally Lovely said...

Rest in peace, Roy. So glad you were able to give him a last wonderful six months of life. Dogs are so, so precious. We lost our golden a few years ago and everyone in our family STILL cries whenever we bring up his name.

Sending thoughts and prayers your way.

SummerBreeze said...

Thank you so much. He was a wonderful dog, and we miss him terribly. I sincerely appreciate the love and support.

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