Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Danger Will Robinson!

Today I felt like I was living the movie Night of the Twisters.  Only it was day of the twisters and it was scary as hell.  In case you did not hear, there was a tornado outbreak in the DFW Metroplex today.  The early reports are estimating between 16-22 tornadoes were spotted in one day.  Crazy.  So I spent most of my day watching the news on my computer at work and dreading my ill-timed drive to class.

Actual picture of SMU today.

How did that drive work out for me?

There was a tornado warning in effect.

It was raining so hard I could barely see and the road was practically under water.

It was hailing.  Bad.

It was the worst 3 mile drive of my life.  Then I get to class and the tornado sirens start going off. No big deal.  Prof thinks this is a perfectly normal time to have class.  Pay no attention to the emergency texts/emails/phone calls from the school telling everyone to take cover.  Then some lady came into class to say we had to evacuate.  Fun.

Downtown Dallas
Everything turned out fine for us, but I'm pretty sure I need blood pressure medicine or a bottle big glass of wine.

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