Thursday, August 30, 2012

Make Something: A Different House Warming Gift

Recently I  had another set of friends that moved into a new place, which meant another round of the housewarming party!  For this gift, I did some serious Pinterest stalking to find something that I thought my friends could use.  I came across a drink recipe and a large mason jar dispenser that she'd posted.  Perfect!  So I gathered up all of the ingredients, placed them into a jar, and wrapped it with a bow.

Sorry about how terrible these pictures are.  I didn't assemble everything until in the car, and it was raining so the lighting was terrible.

Because the gift was a little light on the DIY side (and I really prefer to give homemade gifts), I spent a decent amount of time on the card.  Originally I tried to sew the letters in  cursive, but when I turned my sewing the stitches looked a little wonky.  I'll probably use a straight stitch if when I ever try to sew something in cursive.  I'm really happy with how this card turned out.

And tomorrow I leave for San Francisco for a girls' trip!  So excited!


Rebeka said...

That housewarming gift is super cute! I love that. And for me that would be super DIY :)

Also girls trip in SF?! FUN! I love San Fran! I hope you have some exciting things planned while you're there and that you have a blast! CHEERS!

Kristen said...

Yayyy my present!! Thank you so much Sum!! The drink was delish and I loooove the gift/card! :)

SummerBreeze said...

Thank you!

I hope you're enjoying life post bar and law school! Cannot wait to hear about all of your big girl job adventures!

Abby said...

That is SUCH a good idea. You are so creative :)

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