Thursday, August 23, 2012

Easy Peasy Zippered Pillows

Need some new pillows in your life?  I did.  I also seem to.  I made these for my office last weekend, when I was supposed to be reading.  Have I mentioned how much I hate first day of class assignments?  It's summer vacation until I'm forced to step foot on campus; don't try to muck up my summer with school reading.

Speaking of school.  I started my last year of law school.  Ever.  Well...maybe.  I'm throwing this whole LLM idea thing around in my head right now.  #couldpossiblybemyworstideaever

I'm actually a little overwhelmed that it's my last year.  Does (did) anyone else feel like that?

Anyway, enough rambling.  Watch this awesome video if you need some awesome pillows.  They really are as easy as she makes them seem, and I didn't even use a zipper foot.

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Legally Lovely said...

WHOOOAAAA, LLM. I honestly don't think I'll have the brainpower to do any more schooling after this year (I'm already totally checked out), so kudos for you for considering it!

3L stresses me out but only because I'm trying to find a job in a different state where I have ZERO contacts. GO ME.

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