Sunday, November 13, 2011

Fifieth Fiesta: The Details

Few things in my life have been as exciting as my mom's 50th Fiesta.  It was a planning and organizational feat, and I'm excited to share some of the details today!
*Warning this is a fairly long and fairly photo intensive post*

All of this stuff had to fit in the truck of my tiny car.  Why the trunk only?  Because there was an 80 lb lab in my backseat and a 10 lb yorkie in the front seat.

The traveling fiesta!

These make me happy all lined up and pretty.

Burning the midnight oil (literally) to get the streamers sewed in time.

Drinks and Sweets Table
Left to right:
Screen Printed Koozies (more on that below)
Galvanized bucket of drinks: Jarritos for the kids and a variety of Mexican beers for the adults.  The bowls in front were for bottles caps and limes.
Margaritas (my favorite recipe) and Sangria
50th Fiesta lemon chiffon cake, made by my fabulous sister!
Behind that are Key Lime cheesecake bites that I made.
The little tiki torch lantern on the table was purchase at some random dollar store for a measly $1 each...hence why I walked out with 8 of them!
Behind the sangria is a bowl of sombrero straws.  Too cute!

A close up of the awesome cake.

The entry stand.  
The top sign read, Welcome to the Fiesta, please grab some festive attire!
The bowls held maracas and beads.
The invitation is on the second shelf.
The sombreros were hung on the top corner and on the third shelf (where the empty space is).
The gifts were below that.
Piñata stuffed with candy.

We rented three tables and placed them under a canopy of Christmas lights and my sewn streamers.
Those lights would never have been installed or stayed lit without the determination and fearlessness of my brother.  He spent more time on the roof before the party than he did on the ground.

The lanterns are the above mentioned dollar store find.
The tables had paper flowers in spray painted tin cans.
And there were tea candles in mason jars.

The moment of surprise!
...I wish this wasn't so blurry.

brother, me, sister, mom, niece, grandma, aunt

And no party is complete without a seriously goofy photo taking opportunity...

...and a bounce house for the kids!
Also, I'm told my niece looks alot like me.  She feisty like me too.  I so love her.

I didn't get a picture of it, but the food table included a taco bar of carnitas, steak, and chicken tacos; beans and rice; chips and dip; and a trio of homemade salsas.

And finally, the screen printed koozies.  Apparently, the koozie is not as celebrated everywhere as much as it is in Texas.  Weird.  Keeps your drinks cold, keeps your hand warm.  Why doesn't everyone carry them around in their purses?  Because I do. 

So I wanted to give everyone a party favor, but you really can't give a bunch of adults a bag full of candy and cheap toys.  So I came up with the idea to screen print koozies.  I designed the front and Jason came up with the poem on the back.  He's great like that.  My only qualm is that I didn't expose the sombrero correct so it didn't come out perfectly.  I just tell myself it has that faded quality all the cool kids like.

The actual screen printing took about an hour total.  Everyone loved them, and most importantly my mom loved them.  

"We call her Mom. Grandma.  Daughter and More.
On her 50th we'll fiesta like never before!"

 So that's it!  If you have any questions about sourcing or DIY projects, ask away!
Also feel free to check out my Pinterest board for the party!


Legally Lovely said...

I'm still so blown away that you coordinated such a fantastic party! I love that you set up little props and festive attire for everyone. And the photo op! Geeze; you really thought of everything!

SummerBreeze said...

Thanks! I have a tendency to go overboard with party plans!

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