Monday, October 31, 2011

We like to party (DIY)

9 times out of 10, I always seem to be planning some sort of party.  Dinner party.  Birthday party.  Holiday party.  Happy hour party.  Outdoor Moving Watching Party.  {Determined to make that one happen soon.} I always seem to find an excuse to throw a fete.  So having a readily available supply of decorations is pretty useful.  For my latest party endeavor, I decided to whip together some streamers from Made.

And yes, I have a chandelier on my patio.  I'm fancy like that.

 Have you ever seen something on the internet and tried to make it, only to find out it's either not near as cute in real life or so time consuming it isn't worth the effort?  These awesome streamers do not fall into that category.  If you can sew in a straight line; you can make these streamers.  And aren't they so much cuter than regular streamers?  Infinitely so.

To make these beauties all you do is turn the tension in your sewing machine to the highest number possible and turn you stitch length to as long as possible.  Then place your streamers under the needle and get to it.  I could burn through 2 entire rolls in about 15 minutes.  And because it's so easy, it's pretty cathartic, at least for me...this blog isn't called Create.  Cook. Survive Law School for nothing.  Am I the only one who uses crafts for therapy?  What do you guys do to let off steam?

You start with this...

...And end up with this!

And to keep everything organized I made a shoe-box holder.  Simply create a hole on either side of shoe box.  Thread a skewer through one side of the shoe box, both streamers, and out the other side of the shoe box.  That'll keep your streamers from tangling and let you sew through them lickety-split!

So if you're having some sort of Halloween gathering tonight or you want to decorate your doorstep for all the trick-or-treaters, you still have a couple hours to whip some of these beauties up.

 Roy and Dolce definitely like to party.

Happy Halloween to everyone and a very Happy Birthday to my mom!  Love you!

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