Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Weekday Meals: Lamb Skewers, Tzatziki, and Orzo

The other day, I found some beautiful lamb skewers at Central Market.  This meal evolved from me trying to figure out what to pair with the lamb.  Tzatziki was a natural choice, because I drown by gyros in that stuff.  The orzo is from a Bobby Flay recipe, which I found by Goggling sides that go with lamb.  I only moderately followed the recipe, and added several changes to fit what I needed.  Toasting the orzo added a nice nutty flavor and cooking it risotto style, by slowing adding the water, gave it a nice creaminess.  I decided the dish was a little to savory overall and threw in some dried currants (they look and taste like tiny raisins) to add a touch of sweetness.  They actually paired quite beautifully with the rest of the dish.  Start to finish, the entire meal took less than 30 minutes to prepare.  That's my kind of week night meal.

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