Saturday, September 18, 2010

Pretty in Pink

Recently my coworker asked if I could paint a couple of paintings for her daughter's room.   Although she basically left all the creative decisions to me each of the girls picked the color of their names.  I wanted the backgrounds to be pink but didn't like any of the colors I had on hand so I decided that I'd mix a couple of pinks to create the color that I wanted...Big. Mistake.  A word to the wise- when painting the background of a painting DO NOT mix colors, unless of course you mix an entire bucket of the color.  I didn't do that.  So here I was at 1 am, covered in various shades of pink, attempting to match my current paint color to the color I'd already painted and trying to match each girl's painting to the other.  How did I rectify the mess?  By crying, going to bed, and repainting both of the backgrounds the next morning.  The rest of the painting went fairly smoothly from there.  In the end I had cute girly paintings that both my coworker and her daughter's loved!

I have a couple more children paintings lined up for Christmas.  Maybe this is where I quit law school and become a starving artist...maybe not.

Cute Little Girls!

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