Tuesday, September 28, 2010

If you want to be in my family...you better be creative.

I was hoping to squeeze in a sewing project or new baking recipe this weekend, but between SMU's tailgate festivities and my ever increasing reading load, I just did not have time.  So to hold you over until I find sometime to do a new project, I figured I'd share some of my sister's baking endeavors with you this week.

The women in my family are creative.  For the most part we can all paint, sew, and cook...well, except for one of my cousins, but she was excommunicated a couple of years ago for her failures.  I kid, I kid.  But in all sincerity, we all seem to have some sort of domestic expertise.  This probably explains why we paint ornaments every Christmas and compete to have the best ornaments.  Keeping the best paintbrush is a full contact sport.  It's been known to cause family feuds.

Hyacinth is a nursing student at the University of Texas and enjoys baking in her free time.  She's completely self-trained and I'm so proud of what she's managed to teach herself!  If you're in the Austin area and need a cake, let me know!  She'd love to bake one for you!

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