Friday, November 8, 2013

Brunch: Poached Eggs with Corn, Chorizo, Basil, and Brioche Croutons

I am always on the look out for brunch food.  Brunch in Dallas and Texas in general is kind of a big deal, and although most of my friends prefer to while the day away on a patio somewhere (which don't get me wrong is pretty fantastic), I tend to spend my Sundays on my front patio because that requires neither makeup nor shoes.

This brunch recipe from The Food Lab's post on perfect poached eggs is pretty much perfect.  It includes crunchy brioche croutons, crispy Spanish chorizo (and for those of you in Texas, it's different from Mexican chorizo), slightly blackened corn, and a delicious butter sauce.  Add that perfect poached egg and it's one delectable meal.  

Truth be told, it's an involved meal.  And this is coming from someone who barely blinks an eye at involved meals and instinctually distrusts recipes that are overly simple.  That said, it's not difficult, just don't expect to get it on the table lightning fast.

But make sure it gets to your table because it is damn good and so worth the time.

I poach my eggs using my sous vide, which is as easy as dropping the eggs shell and all in the equipment and letting them swim for about an hour.  Then you drain off the thin white part and give them a quick dunk in gently simmering water.  That process is ridiculously easy and your eggs both look and taste spectacularly.

Kenji gives a lot of details on creating the perfect poached egg, both with a sous vide and without so scoot on over there and read it.  Your brunch menus will thank you.

Then whip this baby up at home and enjoy the fruits of your labors.


Rebeka said...

That looks fantastic, but I'd definitely rather put on some shoes on Sunday morning and have someone else make me breakfast than try and maneuver my kitchen hungover haha. I'm SO pathetic. But this does look delicious and would probably make a great breakfast-for-dinner meal so I'll definitely save it. Also, I've never heard of poching eggs the way you described above, I'm going to have to go check it out!!

Also, I hope that you're doing well! I was so happy to see your new blog post pop up on my reader just now :)

SummerBreeze said...

I am a total weirdo in that I would rather spend an hour in the kitchen than get dressed in the morning.

And thank you!! You are too sweet! Things have been great; I get sworn in on Monday. Eek!!

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