Tuesday, March 20, 2012

We Interrupt The Regularly Scheduled Post

I originally intended to post the remaining spring break pictures tonight, but I'm still processing them so hopefully I'll be able to post them tomorrow.  But until then, I figured I'd post something a little more tasty and useful.

Tonight's dinner was pan seared salmon with a mango avocado chutney.  It only took about 30 minutes to get everything cooked, which was great for a busy Tuesday night.  To make the chutney I simply diced a large avocado, 1/2 of a mango, 1/4 of a red onion, the juice from 1/2 a lime, 1 diced jalapeƱo, and season with salt and pepper.  Let it sit for approximately 30 minutes for all of the flavors to marry.

Such a simple, healthy, and delicious meal.


Legally Lovely said...

Oh my gosh, that looks DELISH. I love salmon (actually have some in my fridge now that needs cooked) and I am in favor of anything smothered in avocado. The only thing is that whenever I try to pan sear it, my smoke alarm goes off. I am a terrible cook. I usually just bake it because it seems safer. Any tips? I want to make this now!

SummerBreeze said...

It may be the type of oil that you're using. Some oils (like canola, vegetable, and peanut) have a very high burning temperatures, which makes them perfect candidates for frying and searing. Other oils (like olive oil) have very low burning temperatures, so they work better with more gentler cooking methods (like poaching). Your pan may also be too hot. To sear something you probably only have to turn the burner on to medium-medium high heat. Anything hotter may be burning the food. Or you could have a crazy-sensitive smoke alarm. I do. That dumb thing goes off almost everything I bake something.

Hope one of these helps! And the recipe really is delicious. And I'm totally with you on smothering things in avocado. Fav.

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