Friday, October 29, 2010

Creepy Crawly Cheesecake

In lieu of the normal Halloween costume party, several of my friends have decided to watch a Dracula melodrama at a local theatre this weekend.  Before the play begins, our gracious hostess has invited us over for some spooky snacks and libations.  And because it's impossible for me show up to a dinner party without some sort of contribution, I decided to make this quick and easy cheesecake.  The recipe and instructions are compliments of the Hostess Queen Martha Stewart.  I'm always somewhat hesitant about no-bake cheesecakes, but it turned out really well and was ready to be chilled within a hour.  The original recipe called for making gummy spiders, but I didn't really feel like driving all over DFW to locate the gummies called for.  I think the plastic spider rings are a great alternative, and will be fun to wear after taken off the cake.  (You can guarantee I'll have one on!)

"Action Shots"



...and apparently the apocalypse is upon us, because I will actually be wearing a costume this Halloween.  I am making my annual escape to suburbia for Halloween and will be attending a costume party.  It really may be the end of the world!  :)

Happy Halloween everyone!  Be safe!

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